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The pandemic has certainly been a wild ride for events, weddings, restaraunts, and the like. With no near end in sight, companies have been forced to adapt and move forward, while taking the necessary precautions to allow for catering events to take place in Edmonton, despite covid. We will offer our recommendations on how to minimize the risk at your next event, such as only serving individually packaged meals instead of offering buffet style options. I’m sure you can understand the devastating impact covid has had on the food industry, you can read more about that here 

 We are also on top of current restrictions in gatherings in Alberta. Of course, our staff will be using personal masks and we’ve always got numerous locations for our customers to disinfect their hands. Our event venues are thoroughly disinfected before the event begins. We’ll utilize a 2m distance between tables and provide a walk-through service to provide guests with food, rather than self-serve. Check out the following link for more information

Any special requests? Our staff are at your service to make your event in Edmonton Alberta a safe experience. Whether it be a lunch, dinners, or holiday parties, our food service brings years of culinary service, resulting in absolutely delicious food that your guests will remember and talk about. We work closely beside our clients to ensure their big day goes off without a hitch, check out our menus & venues to learn more.

 Or if you’re looking for more info on your big day then browse our wedding menus for inspiration. You can see a range of full service meals which may spark ideas or inspire you for your own menu. We love working directly with our customers to create a menu that best reflects their relationship and new union.

Rest assured that Stir Catering is aware and adheres to the guidelines set by the government of Alberta to minimize risks associated with our new offering – covid friendly catering in Edmonton. Read here for the full guidelines

Of course, the times are rapidly changing, and we continually monitoring any changes to policies for events and gatherings. It looks like it will be a quiet holiday season for Edmontonians. However, if you’re ready to plan an event in the future, you can be at ease knowing that all of our deposits are 100% refundable at this time.

If you’re ready to plan your next event, we’re ready to serve you delcious food and keep you and your guests safe. Contact us today to make a booking. Stir Catering should be the first caterer that comes to mind for Covid catering Edmonton.

We’ve also started an online shop where you can get delicious contactless meals delivered to your home! Please consider supporting local business during this time, we have a range of delicious foods available and are consistently updating our product offering. We offer free shipping on orders of $50 – so stock up! New customers also receive 10% off of their first order, because we are so excited for you to try these new products. Check out our store now to see what we’ve got for you.

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