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Frank Herbert

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Donair Kits Edmonton

Our Popular Donair Kits

These delicious donair kits serve 4 and have been well received by happy customers. Take the fuss and effort out of your next family meal with our readymade donair kits and incredible sweet garlic sauce. Give these Edmonton Donair Kits a chance - you'll love them!

Fan Favorite Cinnamon Buns

These delicious cinnamon buns are fresh, soft, and with a signature cream cheese frosting. A sweet addition to breakfast, or save them for dessert.

Breakfast Cinnamon Buns Edmonton
Charcuterie Boxes Edmonton

Beautiful Charcuterie Boxes

These incredible pecking spreads will have you wondering when they will be back in stock again. If you've been looking for home delivered charcuterie boxes, do yourself a favor and pull the trigger on an order, you won't be disappointed.

Flourless & Scrumptious

These decadent brownies will have you questioning flours role in a brownie. These gluten free sweets make an awesome gift to those dieting or with gluten sensitivities.

Gluten Free Brownies Edmonton